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With the migration to our new server complete, we can now shift our focus to adding new features to The first of which is our new Where to Go Camping Guide Index. We're currently working to digitize our current Where to Go Camping Guide, and hope to soon have a vast index of places to go camping.

Our new Where to Go Camping Guide Index preserves the structure our old printed guide did, but also affords you the user with an array of searching abilities. We're still working on some of the configuration, but the basic functionality is there. Perhaps the most exciting new feature to our new Where to Go Camping Guide Index is the ability for user submitted content. If you have found an awesome place to go camping, and don't mind telling us your secret, we want to hear from you. Our new website allows for user submitted camping locations. Simply click the "Add Entry" link at the top of every page within our index. Your submission will be available to all who visit this site after our review.

To visit our new Where to Go Camping Guide Index, CLICK HERE, or hover over "Camping Guide" above, and select "Camping Locations".

Our previous version is available by CLICKING HERE.

Last Updated ( Monday, 30 July 2012 )